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What To Pay Attention To When Buying Seeding Machine

Rice Planting Machine is the most needed agricultural machine for winter and spring plowing in small gardens. It has the characteristics of small size, many additional functions, and dexterous and convenient operation. However, due to its special functions and high technical requirements, it is necessary to be very careful when purchasing. .
   Take a look at the Rice Planting Machine function. Rice Planting Machine design mainly considers field farming, but with other functions, such as transportation, ditching, film laying, harvesting, pumping, power generation, etc., users can choose according to their needs.
  Second look at the supporting power of Rice Planting Machine. The matching diesel engine has a lower speed than the matching gasoline engine, but the reliability is higher. Air-cooled diesel engines are lighter than water-cooled diesel engines, but have poor lubrication and cooling performance and lower reliability.
   Three look at the chassis transmission of Rice Planting Machine. There are currently two transmission modes for the Rice Planting Machine chassis on the market, one is full shaft and full gear transmission, and the other is belt transmission. The former is more suitable for farming in areas with large soil resistance and compacted fields.
  Four look at your own economic conditions. The selling price of Rice Planting Machine on the market often differs by as much as 1,000 yuan. The direct-injection diesel engine is more expensive, and the later spare parts are more expensive, but the reliability is higher.
  Five look at the length of use. The purchase of Rice Planting Machine is not for external services. It is only for plowing your own fields. The use time is short in one year. You can choose a Rice Planting Machine that is more economical and transferable. When purchasing Rice Planting Machine for external services, you should pay attention to the high reliability of Rice Planting Machine.
   Six look at after-sales service. Manufacturers will sign after-sales service agreements for subsidized machinery listed in the product catalog, and strictly implement the "Regulations on the Second Guarantee of Agricultural Machinery Products". As for the credibility and supply of spare parts, you should consult the local agricultural machinery department in detail before purchasing the machine.
   Seven look at geographical conditions. It is recommended that users in mountainous and hilly areas choose Rice Planting Machine with air-cooled diesel engine as the supporting power, because of its small size, low quality and convenient transfer; for supporting transportation, it is recommended to choose Rice Planting Machine with differential.
  Eight depends on one's technical ability. Rice Planting Machine has simple operation technology and mainly considers repair technical issues. Diesel engines are relatively popular, and some old landline machines in the original production brigade have basically passed the repair skills. Gasoline engines have more circuits than diesel engines, and repairs are more complicated; air-cooled diesel engines are simpler in structure than water-cooled diesel engines, and repairs are relatively convenient.
   Among all tillage machines, Seeding Machine has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, and small volume, which is very unique. It can travel freely in the fields, eliminating the trouble that large agricultural machinery cannot enter the mountainous fields. It has always been the best choice for farmers and consumers to replace cattle farming. Achieving ‘eight-seeing’ when purchasing Seeding Machine will provide farmers with favorable conditions for smooth agricultural production.

Автор: hongxiangseeder 28.10.2020 05:56:20


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