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Solution To The Failure Of Planting Machine

   After the Vegetable Planter has been used for a period of time, after changing a reverse gear and coulter transmission, the Vegetable Planter will be out of gear. How should we deal with it? When the Vegetable Planter is working in rotary tillage, only the Vegetable Planter lever can be pressed to the left to put it on. The reason is that the ball spring positioning device on the coulter drive shaft of the engagement suite has lost its function, or the steel ball is lost, or The spring is stuck, the engagement sleeve cannot be locked on the coulter shaft, slipping occurs and cannot transmit power. Repair or replace the ball spring positioning device, the fault is eliminated.
When using the Vegetable Planting Machine for rotary tillage operation, it will be difficult to shift the Vegetable Planting Machine coulter to the left, and it will be difficult to shift the gear. The tooth inlay of the meshing sleeve on the cutter shaft cannot mesh with the tooth inlay on the coulter transmission gear, or the mesh length is very small, and the jitter of the joystick produces axial force and it is out of gear. After straightening the joystick, the fault was eliminated. The bending deformation of the coulter lever is mainly caused by improper operation. When shifting gears, the joystick cannot be dialed hard. If gear shifting is difficult, you can gently engage the clutch to rotate the engagement sleeve to a position, and then turn the joystick.

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