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The Fineness Of Hot Air Stenter

The roller printing machine is one of the thermal transfer printing machinery and equipment. The roller printing machine has always been the favor of the apparel printing project. In the printing industry, the technology is getting newer and newer, and the innovation ability of everyone is also increasing. The emergence of digital printing machine equipment perfectly meets the hot demand in the current market, and the roller printing machine is one of the printing equipment that is born with the trend.

  What are the differences between the roller printing machine and the open rotary screen printer?

The    roller printing machine is a process in which a copper roller engraved with concave patterns is used to print on the fabric, also known as copper roller printing. The engraved roller is referred to as the flower tube. When printing, first stain the surface of the flower tube with color paste, and then use a sharp and flat scraper to scrape off the color paste on the unengraved part of the flower tube to leave color paste in the concave pattern. When the flower tube is embossed on the fabric, the color paste is transferred to the fabric and the pattern is printed. Each flower tube is printed with one color paste. If multiple flower tubes are installed on the printing equipment at the same time, color patterns can be printed continuously. Roller printing is also called iron cow printing in some parts of the country, and its principle is consistent with our daily stamping;

   Rotary screen printing is a printing method in which the color paste in the rotary screen is printed on the fabric under the pressure of a scraper. Rotary screen printing differs from other screen printing methods in several important ways. Rotary screen printing is a continuous process like drum printing. The printed fabric is transported to the bottom of the continuously moving rotary screen through a wide rubber belt. Its principle is opposite to that of the roller, which is like an extravasated paste (through a scraper, a magnetic rod and pressure) inside the rotary screen (nickel screen) to complete the printing;

Both of these processes are continuous printing methods, and the speed is relatively fast; the fineness of the pattern in Hot Air Stenter is determined by the fineness of the engraving, theoretically the fineness can be about 20 microns, and it is also in actual production. The manifestation is obvious, but the fineness of rotary screen printing is determined by the fineness (mesh) of the nickel mesh. As far as the current market is mature, it is reasonable to have less than 155 mesh. Another difference that has to be said is the saturation of rotary screen printing on a large area, especially for fabrics with a high gram weight, which is incomparable to the drum; of course, the advantages of double-sided printing on both sides of the drum at the same time (front and back of the fabric) are obvious. Can't do it.

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