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Detailed Maintenance Of Vegetable Planter

After purchasing the Vegetable Planter, I don’t know how to maintain it, or even if it’s not maintained, the equipment cannot meet the ideal service life, or problems occur from time to time. Therefore, the professional Vegetable Planter manufacturer hognxiang machinery reminds everyone that the equipment is used for more than 50 hours. Regular maintenance must be done, and the detailed maintenance attention will be explained below.

The newly bought Vegetable Planter is very good in terms of performance, appearance and other aspects, so there is no need for additional maintenance, but after the equipment has been used for more than 50 hours, various parts and related parts have reached a tired state , Requires regular maintenance. The most basic maintenance is the filling of lubricating oil for each component, and the other is the use of the washer to maintain ventilation and heat dissipation. Check the equipment engine and various parts of screws, triangle belts and chains in time after daily operation to ensure that the equipment can maintain a good condition.
The equipment should be maintained in accordance with the operating instructions of the diesel and gasoline engines before use, all fasteners should be reinforced, and sufficient lubricant should be added. In addition, the temperature of the bearing should be normal, the operation of all components should be free of abnormal noise, the welding parts should not be deformed, and the wearing parts such as gears should not be severely worn. If there is any problem, it needs to be solved in time.
   The air filter is the part that needs to be cleaned in time in the entire Vegetable Planting Machine equipment. Users with conditions can prepare a new filter, which can be replaced and cleaned every five hours or so.

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