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China Nut Quality Prevention Measures

     1. Bolt Factory needs quality attention

    (1) Surface rust, oil stains, burrs on the bolt hole wall, welds, etc. should be cleaned.

    (2) After processing the contact friction surface, it must meet the specified anti-scratch coefficient requirements. The high-strength full-thread studs used must have matching nuts and washers, and must be used in pairs when used, and they must not be interchanged.

    (3) When installing the friction surface of the processed part, do not get oil, dust, etc. on it.

    (4) During the installation process, the friction surface of the module must be kept dry and cannot be operated in rain.

    (5) Strictly check and correct the deformation of the connected steel plate before installation.

    (6) Hammering the bolts during installation is prohibited to avoid damage to the high-strength full-threaded studs.

    (7) The electric wrench has been regularly tested during use to ensure the accuracy of the torque and work in the correct tightening sequence.

      2. Main technical safety measures.

    (1) The size of the wrench used by the adjustable wrench should be the same as that of the nut, and a small wrench should not be used to add the shell. Dead keys must be used in high altitude operations. For example, when using an adjustable wrench, please fix it with a rope and wear a seat belt.

    (2) When assembling steel parts to connect China Nut, it is strictly forbidden to insert the connecting surface or probe the threaded hole by hand.

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