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Know Steps to Brew Green Tea 3505

   1. Use a small amount of leaves. If you want to make a cup of Chinese Green Tea, this method works best and can reduce waste. For this method, you only need about 5 grams of tea leaves. Put the tea leaves in a small pot. Heat the water (avoid faucet or bottled water as it may affect the taste of the tea) to 80-90 degrees and add it to the pot. Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes and pour it into the cup.

   2. Use a few leaves (serving 5 people). For this method, you need about 30 grams of Green Tea 3505. Put the leaves in a small pot. Next, boil the water to about 80 degrees, making sure not to let it boil above this temperature. After preparing the water, pour it into the pot or cup and close the lid. Wait about 5 minutes, then serve tea.

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