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What Is The Principle Of Hot Air Stenter

Hot Air Stenter, how does it work? And, are there any other questions about this type of shaping machine that we don’t know and are familiar with? The specific reasons for why these problems are raised are to solve them thoroughly, so as to increase their knowledge in this area, and to gain new gains from them.
1. The working principle and composition of Hot Air Stenter
The working principle of Hot Air Stenter is as follows:
The unshaped cloth is fed into the setting machine through the stripper open width. At the same time, both ends of the cloth width are automatically hung on the needle plate. In this way, the needle plate can be brought into the oven with the stride. The fan blows air. After that, after several hours of continuous operation, the cloth will enter the end of the equipment to cool down and remove static electricity. Then, the swing falls into the cloth car. Thus, a beautiful and smooth cloth can be obtained.
Hot Air Stenter, its composition, mainly includes the feeding part, weft device, chain, oven body and doffing device. If necessary, there can also be a chemical material system, and an oil furnace heating system.
2. Open rotary screen printer, can it determine the width of knitted fabric? Can it adjust the shrinkage of the fabric?
The open rotary screen printer cannot determine the width of the knitted fabric. Because it is determined by the size of the equipment used when weaving, and has nothing to do with the setting machine. As for the shrinkage rate of the fabric, the setting machine can only be fine-tuned, not greatly adjusted.
3. What does the stenter finishing in the stenter setting machine specifically refer to? And, what is the difference between a setting machine and a stenter?
The stenter setting in the stenter setting machine, in specific terms, refers to a more fabric state, appropriate drying adjustments, etc., until the shape is stable and the desired effect is achieved. The specific difference between the stenter and the setting machine is mainly in the three aspects of temperature, amplitude and requirements for fabrics. Therefore, these two are not common, and their common parts are very small.

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