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Precautions During The Use Of Industrial Bolt Factory

Compared with the sliding screw pair, the driving torque of the T-shaped screw is 1/3: There are many balls in the rolling motion between the screw shaft of the T-shaped screw and the nut, so the motion efficiency can be improved. Compared with the past sliding screw pair, the driving torque is less than 1/3, that is, the power required to achieve the same movement result is 1/3 of the rolling screw pair. China Stud Supplier thinks it is very helpful in saving power.

T-type screw is continuously produced by advanced machinery and equipment. Especially in the factory environment of grinding, assembly and inspection, temperature and humidity are strictly controlled, and precision is achieved through a complete quality management system. Because the T-shaped screw adopts ball motion, the starting torque is very small, and there will be no crawling phenomenon like sliding motion, which can ensure the realization of accurate micro feed. T-type screw can be pre-tightened, because pre-tightening can make the axial gap reach a negative value, and then obtain higher rigidity (in the ball screw, the ball has been pre-tightened, and in actual use in mechanical equipment, due to rejection Force can increase the rigidity of the nut). T-type screw has high movement efficiency and low heat generation, so it can realize high-speed feed (movement).

Precautions for the use of Industrial Bolt Factory T-type screw: 1. The material of T-type screw must be round steel of ordinary brand, otherwise it is easy to form oxide scale on the surface of the workpiece, the milling cutter is easy to break and wear, and cracks, and knurling tools Wear out quickly. 2. When processing and assembling, the knurling cutter must move easily in the groove, and the gap should not be too large. If the gap is too large, the roller will tilt when working, and the rolled out pattern will be uneven and easily damaged. 3. The pressure plate should try to close the knurling knife to prevent chips and debris from splashing. 4. When working, do not lubricate and cool the knurled knife to prevent damage to the nearby carbide blades. 5. First start the lathe, let the workpiece rotate, and then tighten the screws to prevent excessive static friction and workpiece slippage. 6. Choose a well-made knurled knife to reduce the number of tool changes: regularly remove the quick-change cover to clean the knife groove.

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