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Problems In The Use Of Corn Sheller

    The production of Corn Sheller greatly improves the work efficiency of corn removal, which is hundreds of times that of manual corn removal. It has strong practicability and makes friends a good helper for getting rich. However, there are some problems with mechanical operation. The problem that more people have heard is: Corn Sheller is not clean, which will cause a decrease in output, a waste of resources, and cause economic losses, which will affect us more seriously. The life span of Corn Sheller. The Corn Sheller manufacturer today introduces several ways to quickly solve the unclean threshing machine threshing machine. Hope it can help you.
1. Threshing is not clean
Reasons: the feeding amount is too large or the feeding is uneven; the threshing gap between the grain bar and the concave plate is too large; the drum speed is too low; the grain is too wet.
Adjustment method:
1. Reduce the feeding amount and feed evenly.
2. Adjust the threshing gap correctly, and replace the severely damaged parts immediately.
3. The belt pulley of the power machine and the belt pulley of the threshing machine should be coordinated reasonably. If the pulley slips and loses rotation, the tension pulley should be adjusted to tighten the belt.
4. Grains with excessively wet straws should be properly ventilated and dried before threshing.
2. The cleanliness of the kernels is poor  
Reason: The air volume of the fan is not enough. Most of the fans are too loose, causing the belt drive to slip, causing the fan speed to fail to reach the design index, or the loosening of the fan pulley screw causes the pulley to run idly, which cannot normally drive the fan to rotate; crop stems in the drum The amount of stalk entering is too much.
Adjustment method:
1. Check the tightness of the fan drive belt. If it is too loose, adjust the tension wheel as much as possible to tighten the pulley to an appropriate level; if the fixing screw of the fan pulley is loose, tighten it.
2. Reduce the feeding amount or adjust the feeding gap correctly. The above Corn Sheller introduced to you that when we used Corn Sheller, due to the poor threshing or poor cleanliness of the seeds, I helped the farmers do an analysis, and hoped to help more people.
      Seed Planter has too many grains broken during use. Where is the problem? I searched for this problem on Google. There are still many people who consulted. It can be seen that the seriousness of this problem still needs our Seed Planter manufacturers to explain. Here you can not only see the problem of too much broken seeds, but also understand that if we threshing, too much threshing will cause extremely serious clogging.

Автор: hongxiangseeder 21.10.2020 04:58:26


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