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Answers For Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory Production

       In collating the pre-sales consultation questions, I found that there is a frequent consultation question. Whether it is pre-sales or after-sales, customers will ask: What kind of Hot Air Stenter Machine prints best? This is a very common and common question, and it is also the most controversial question. Now Licheng Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory will give a simple answer to this question:


For this effect, the problem is mainly concentrated on three factors: the printed image, the printed material, and the printed ink dots:

The printed image.

Why are some operators so distressed that they have not changed the original design of the computer. How can the printed image be dark, the edited image is very bright, but the printed image is indeed dark? The reason for this is in the curve of the image. Generally, the function of the curve is to specifically adjust the color ratio, and the printed pattern needs to be restored according to a strict ratio. That is to say, even if you have not modified the accuracy and PASS of the original image, if you do not set the depth of the curve, you still cannot print the original image on the computer with the Hot Air Stenter Machine. This requires certain skills and experience to grasp, of course, you can also consult our technical staff

Printed media.

The effect of printing is necessarily related to the printed medium, which is the substrate, which is easy to understand. For example, the hardness, gloss, and flatness of the material will affect the final imaging effect of the Hot Air Stenter Machine. The problem of color depth before and after output is very common, as well as the material's adsorption of ink, just like the speed and spread of the brush after writing on different paper.

Printed ink dots

The control of ink volume is a necessary quality for a printing operator. The nozzle of the equipment itself plays an important role. The nozzle of Hot Air Stenter Machine provided by our company is not only high in accuracy, but also fast and has a long service life. Many customers only look to licheng Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory's products for most of this nozzle, because after the printing operation technology and experience are well controlled, the important role of this nozzle is the importance of this nozzle.

Автор: hualicheng 21.10.2020 04:18:46


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