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Basic Copper Carbonate NPs have Similar Dissolution Characteristics Under Simulated Gastric Conditions

weishida :: 12.06.2019 10:11:48

Ур. 1 (Lens-Learner)

The present study investigated the toxicity of two Cu containing nano-formulations used for the preservation of wood products that were repeatedly administered to rodents via oral gavage in a repeated dose oral toxicity study. Investigation of the Basic Copper Carbonate(WSDTY) NPs and CuO NPs demonstrated similar dissolution characteristics in simulated stomach conditions, while in simulated intestine conditions, Basic Copper Carbonate NPs dissolved faster. For the stomach, both CuO NPs and Basic Copper Carbonate NPs exhibited approximately 50% dissolution at approximately 20h during flow through conditions, while 100% dissolution was observed for CuSO4. Such conditions are relatively realistic for the stomach environment; however, emptying of the stomach in rats may be reached within 6h.

“Time-Course of Recovery of Gastric Emptying and Motility in Rats with Experimental Spinal Cord Injury. We, therefore, hypothesize that a fraction of both particle types would survive the fast pH-driven dissolution in the stomach passage. This means NPs would reach the intestines where they would undergo further transformation, with the Cu2CO3(OH)2 NPs shedding Cu ions earlier or to a greater extent than the CuO NPs. In fact, imaging of the particles after intestinal conditions with a pH 5.8 indicated shrinking of individual particle size which is indicative of dissolution, but this shrinkage was also associated with agglomeration to form relatively large structures. These data would suggest that it is relevant to consider the possible toxicological effects of both the Cu ions and the nanoparticles.

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Bizoron :: 14.06.2019 12:35:38
Украина, Харьков
Ур. 7 (Lens-Guru)

Модераторы давайте сносите эту тему как и тему "в какое г...о превратился сайт" и тоже втихушечку

Veerd :: 14.06.2019 15:44:43
Андреев Владимир
СССР, Усть-Каменогорск
Ур. 7 (Lens-Guru)

Ты тихо уползи с сайта, а что всем-то гадить...

> Да, так да. Нет, так нет. Люблю конкретику.

Bizoron :: 15.06.2019 09:55:39
Украина, Харьков
Ур. 7 (Lens-Guru)

Ответ для Veerd (14.06.2019 15:44:43):

Ну да, а про соли меди и про стекляные бутылки тебя вполне устраивают...

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